GENEREUS is a leading professional distribution company specializing in electronics and radio technology. GENEREUS has the highest “creating added value for their customers.” It counts with the best technology partners, renowned firms worldwide.
GENEREUS has no boundaries. With a strong global vocation from birth, GENEREUS is an international company that sends its products anywhere in the world.
Creating Value, Leadership, Trust, Care, Service, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. Are the strong values of GENEREUS and its staff. A trusted team with extensive independence and decision making, with creative talent, with an open mind and played his mission with professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment.
GENEREUS is synonymous with advanced technology. Over 20 years of professional experience in the technology sector of electronics and radio allows GENEREUS stay ahead of industry trends, identify needs and provide customers the best solutions.

Professional technology distribution

  • Advanced last generation electronics
  • Professional radio communication systems
  • High quality radio communication accessories
  • Professional rearview systems
  • Professional torches and illumination