Genereus. Radio Communication and Electronics

Genereus Empresa

The birth of GENEREUS results of the experience of more than two decades of professional dedication on the radio communication and electronics sector. This extensive history transforms to a business project whose main basis its the specialized distribution of the best products and brands in the market segment occupied.

Since its gestation as an idea, the professional team that has given form to which today its  GENEREUS, had and have really in mind that it could not be another company on the link of the distribution chain, and has born with the determination to be the leader and the model in its sector. GENEREUS visualised the goals and has the tools to achieve the excellence. With effort, excitement, strategy and professionalism. By means of applying a business philosophy capable of generating the distinguishing value necessary for customers putting their trust in the company.

This business philosophy is based on the values that defines the strength and identity of the company and that ensures its position of leadership:

In a globalized world, of constant changes in regulations and environment, and of very well informed and demanding consumers. The GENEREUS commitment is to identify the market needs and trends, selecting the best commercial partners to face the challenge. Offering their customers the brands and technology-based products with a differential of quality, safety, design and innovation, all of that at competitive prices and with the highest level of service.

From the maximum respect towards its customers, suppliers and employees, from transparency, from empathy towards all of them. From the implementation of honest and responsible behaviours on both the company and its human staff behalf. GENEREUS is first of all an ethical company, with the soul which confer the people forming its structure. Any company can make any mistakes, but to know the real importance of both its responsibility and confidence level should analyse its response and check how this problems are solved. In GENEREUS the commitment level is maximum.

In GENEREUS the customer satisfaction its the most important. A satisfied customer is also a satisfaction reason for all the human team that put together the company. From the moment the customer contacts our company, should feel informed, assisted and safe. Give answers to their questions, doubts or complaints with the maximum efficiency.

One of the most firm commitments of GENEREUS since its birth, is the commitment to society. Within this sphere, GENEREUS assumes all binding commitments concerning companies in terms of laws, rules and regulations established by authorities for a proper, safe and responsible business practice. At the same time and no less important are the social commitments voluntarily acquired by GENEREUS by means of applying an internal code of conduct which allows developing the company activity sustainably, entirely and responsibility with the environment and the people. With a special sensitivity in regards to the problems that concerns people, from the conviction that the company should return to the whole society part of what society brings to the company. That is why GENEREUS is involved in social projects in different fields, contributing its part to achieve a better and more just society.